Though many of us know the names of well known poker players there are not so many people that know about famous roulette bets. That is a pity because roulette is a truly amazing game that has seen some fantastic players make stupendous bets in the past as well as currently. No doubt roulette is not as fast a game as poker; nevertheless, the roulette wheel has thrown up many notable players that have made some very notable bets.

Perhaps the most famous roulette bet is the one made in the middle of the nineteenth century by an engineer called Joseph Jaggers. He became very well known after realizing that there was an issue with the way that the roulette wheels were balanced.

He found out that the lack of perfect balance in the roulette wheel resulted in results in which a few numbers would be hit upon more often than others.

After experimenting he discovered that nine numbers were hit more often and so he began to place bets on these nine numbers and in a matter of just four days he won more than three hundred thousand dollars. The casino owners began to smell a fish and so shifted their table to a different part of the country.

When Jaggers began playing at the new table he started to lose his money and soon discovered that the table had been changed and so he lost about a third of his original winnings.

In modern times there too have been famous roulette bets and the craziest of them was placed in March of the year 2004. A young man in his thirties, Ashley Revell placed a huge bet at a Las Vegas hotel called Plaza Hotel. Revell sold everything that he owned and placed a bet of about one hundred thirty five thousand three hundred dollars.

He wagered that the ball would land on a red number and lo and behold the ball actually did stop on a red number and in this way he doubled his money. He never did place another bet and walked out richer and even gave the dealer a tip of six hundred dollars.

The history of roulette is dotted with some of the most incredible bets. What’s more the game is not always about using skills, strategies or even luck and in fact can require nothing more than steely nerves and a lot of chips. Nowhere is the adage fortune favors the brave more applicable than at the roulette table.

The case of one Charles Wells is typical of the crazy roulette bets that have been placed over time. Wells was a person that conned people and he was also a gambler. In an eleven hour lucky streak he gained a staggering almost one million Francs in Monte Carlo.

In this lucky streak he even managed to win twenty three out of 30 different successive spins of the roulette wheel. “The Man Who Broke the Bank at the Monte Carlo” was a song sung by Fred Gilbert that eulogized this very lucky streak and in this way has cemented Wells place in history.

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